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onReveal invokes a callback when the component is revealed (i.e., no longer suspended in the context of a <Suspense> boundary). It mimics Svelte’s lifecycle method onMount. If there is no <Suspense> component, the callback will be executed with Svelte’s onMount as the component will never suspend.


The following component loads a model with the hook useGltf and is potentially wrapped in a <Suspense> boundary.

  import { T } from '@threlte/core'
  import { onReveal, useGltf } from '@threlte/extras'

  const gltf = useGltf('model.gltf')

  onReveal(() => {
    console.log('The component has been revealed')

{#await gltf then { scene }}
  <T is={scene}>

onReveal is mimicking Svelte’s onMount and can be used in its place for triggering animations, etc., within the boundaries of a <Suspense> component. If it’s used outside of a <Suspense> component, it will behave just like Svelte’s onMount.