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<OrbitControls> allow the camera to orbit around a target.

The component <OrbitControls> must be a direct child of a camera component and will mount itself to that camera. If the properties autoRotate or enableDamping are set to true, the frame loop will run continously.


  import { OrbitControls } from '@threlte/extras'
  import { T } from '@threlte/core'


  <OrbitControls enableDamping />

<OrbitControls> is a light wrapper that will use its parent as the target camera and the DOM element the renderer is rendering to as the DOM element to listen to. It will also by demand invalidate the frame loop and will run the frame loop continuously if the autoRotate or enableDamping properties are set to true.

Component Signature

<OrbitControls> extends <T.OrbitControls> and supports all its props, slot props, bindings and events.