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useFBO (Framebuffer Object) is a hook that creates a THREE.WebGLRenderTarget. This is a port of drei’s useFBO hook.

Framebuffer objects are useful for cases where you want to render a scene but not display it. For example, rendering a scene to a framebuffer then passing that to a fragment shader as a uniform. You can read more about WebGLRenderTarget’s here.


type UseFBOOptions = {
  /** Defines the count of MSAA samples. Can only be used with WebGL 2. Default: 0 */
  samples?: number
  /** If set, the scene depth will be rendered into buffer.depthTexture. Default: false */
  depth?: boolean
} & THREE.WebGLRenderTargetOptions

export function useFBO(
  /** Width in pixels, or options (will render fullscreen by default) */
  width?: number | UseFBOOptions,
  /** Height in pixels */
  height?: number,
  /**Options */
  options?: UseFBOOptions
): THREE.WebGLRenderTarget;