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This is a curated list of invaluable resources that will assist you in mastering Threlte and its underlying technologies. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or an experienced developer seeking advanced knowledge, these resources offer a wealth of information to level up your skills.

Underlying Libraries

The following libraries are foundational to understanding Threlte’s architecture and functionalities:


An excellent starting point for 3D graphics on the web. Three.js serves as the backbone for rendering and creating 3D scenes in Threlte.


An essential library for real-time physics simulations. Rapier helps bring your Threlte projects to life with dynamic interactions.


Focuses on timeline-based animations and offers intricate control over complex animations, making it easier to manage complex state changes in Threlte.

GLSL Resources

GLSL (Graphics Library Shader Language) is a critical part of shader programming, which is central to achieving high-quality visual effects in Threlte.

The Book of Shaders

This resource breaks down complex shader programming into bite-sized lessons. A great starting point for anyone new to shaders.

Learn OpenGL

An in-depth resource for learning OpenGL and GLSL, covering topics from beginner to advanced levels. Learn OpenGL offers tutorials that are easily applicable to Threlte’s context.

We hope you find these resources valuable in your journey to mastering Threlte. Happy Learning!