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All your work in Theatre.js is organized into projects. Projects are a way to organize related work.

Theatre.js allows you to save the state of a project and load it via <Project config={{ state }}>. We can create multiple projects, but often one project is sufficient for a whole threlte application.



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Creating a Project

	import { Project, Sheet, Editable } from '@threlte/theatre'

<!-- Will create a project with the name "Project A" -->
<Project name="Project A">
	<Sheet name="Sheet A">
		<Editable name="Editable A" />

Loading a Saved State

The state of a project can be saved from the interface provided by <Studio>. It's a JSON file containing all animated and static properties of all sheets of the project.

	import { Project, Sheet, Editable } from '@threlte/theatre'
	import state from '.state.json'

	Will create a project with the name "Project A",
	load its state and mount all children when
	finished loading
<Project config={{ state }} name="Project A">
	<Sheet name="Sheet A" autoPlay>
		<Editable name="Editable A" />

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