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  2. Basic Vehicle Controller


Basic Vehicle Controller

This recipe helps you get started with a basic vehicle controller.

The car has a <RigidBody> component for the body to which four axles are attached with either a RevoluteImpulseJoint for the steered wheels or a FixedImpulseJoint for the unsteered back wheels.

Each wheel is attached to an axle with a RevoluteImpulseJoint and the back wheels are configured to be a motor.

To increase the decoupling of joint rigid bodies, the solver iterations are increased by a factor of 100.

The car can be controlled with the WASD keys. The spacebar activates the handbreak.

The property dominance on <RigidBody> components can be used to make objects more or less vulnerable to impacts of the car.


  • Experiment with front wheel drive or all wheel drive (property isDriven on <Axle> component)
  • Play around with the mass properties of the colliders
  • Make an all wheel steered vehicle
  • Increase or decrease the power output of the wheel motors
  • Change the motor model from AccelerationBased to ForceBased (you will need to adapt the power output)
  • Experiment with different wheel collider shapes
  • Increase or decrease the scale of the car
  • Move the axles and observe the maneuverability

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