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To use DRACO compression, provide a path to the DRACO decoder. To use KTX2 compressed textures, provide a path to the KTX2 transcoder.

Change the property url to load new 3D content. The new content will be swapped as soon as loading is finished.

Use the hook useGltf to reuse a glTF model or to use parts of it.


See the hook useGltfAnimations on how to use animations of glTF Files.

Model: Battle Damaged Sci-fi Helmet by theblueturtle_



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The <GLTF> component supports interaction:

  on:click={() => {
    console.log('User clicked!')


  import { GLTF } from '@threlte/extras'

<GLTF castShadow receiveShadow url={'/models/flower.glb'} position={{ y: 1 }} scale={3} />


The <GLTF> component supports compressed glTF files.


You can set useDraco to true to use DRACO compression and Threlte will load a default DRACO decoder from Google servers, specifically

Or you can set useDraco to your own DRACO decoder path as a string.


You can set useMeshopt to true to use meshopt compression and Threlte will load a default meshopt decoder from Three, specifically


// required
url: string

// optional
position: Position | undefined = undefined
scale: Scale | undefined = undefined
rotation: Rotation | undefined = undefined
lookAt: LookAt | undefined = undefined
viewportAware: boolean = false
castShadow: boolean | undefined = undefined
receiveShadow: boolean | undefined = undefined
frustumCulled: boolean | undefined = undefined
renderOrder: number | undefined = undefined
visible: boolean | undefined = undefined
dispose: boolean | undefined = undefined
d̶r̶a̶c̶o̶D̶e̶c̶o̶d̶e̶r̶P̶a̶t̶h̶: string | undefined = undefined // Deprecated - use `useDraco` instead
useDraco: string | boolean = false
useMeshopt: boolean = false
ktxTranscoderPath: string | undefined = undefined
ignorePointer: boolean = false
interactive: boolean = false


gltf: THREE.GLTF | undefined
scene: THREE.Group | undefined
animations: THREE.AnimationClip[] | undefined
  | {
      copyright?: string | undefined;
      generator?: string | undefined;
      version?: string | undefined;
      minVersion?: string | undefined;
      extensions?: any;
      extras?: any;
  | undefined
cameras: THREE.Camera[] | undefined
scenes: THREE.Group[] | undefined
userData: any
parser: THREE.GLTFParser | undefined
materials: Record<string, THREE.Material>
nodes: Record<string, THREE.Object3D>


load: GLTF // The content finished loading
unload: undefined // New content finished loading and the old content is unloaded and disposed
error: string // An error occured while loading and parsing
viewportenter: undefined
viewportleave: undefined
click: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
contextmenu: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerup: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerdown: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerenter: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerleave: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointermove: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>