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  2. SceneGraphObject



This component is extending the component <HierarchicalObject> and conveniently provides methods to add and remove children to the scene graph.


This is a trait component. Trait components are mostly used internally and make certain aspects of three.js objects accessible and reactive and interact with Threlte systems.



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Basic Example

In this example the component is responsible for

  • forwarding the mesh to the parent <HierarchicalObject>
  • adding children to the scene graph, i.e. as children to the mesh
  • removing children from the scene graph

You most likely want to use a <MeshInstance> component in this scenario. The component <SceneGraphObject> is part of the component <Object3DInstance>, which the component <MeshInstance> is extending.

	import { SceneGraphObject } from '@threlte/core'
	import { Mesh } from 'three'

	const mesh = new Mesh()

<SceneGraphObject	object={mesh} />


// required
object: Object3D