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This module is deprecated. You can still use it but it will be removed in the future. Please consider using <T>/<Three> instead. Please read the update notice.

A camera that uses perspective projection.

This projection mode is designed to mimic the way the human eye sees. It is the most common projection mode used for rendering a 3D scene.



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  import { PerspectiveCamera } from '@threlte/core'

<PerspectiveCamera fov={60} position={{ x: 3, y: 3, z: 3 }} lookAt={{ x: 0, y: 0, z: 0 }} />


// optional
position: Position | undefined = undefined
scale: Scale | undefined = undefined
rotation: Rotation | undefined = undefined
lookAt: LookAt | undefined = undefined
viewportAware: boolean = false
castShadow: boolean | undefined = undefined
receiveShadow: boolean | undefined = undefined
frustumCulled: boolean | undefined = undefined
renderOrder: number | undefined = undefined
visible: boolean | undefined = undefined
dispose: boolean | undefined = undefined
userData: Record<string, any> | undefined = undefined
useCamera: boolean = true
near: number = undefined
far: number = undefined
fov: number = undefined


inViewport: boolean
camera: THREE.PerspectiveCamera


viewportenter: undefined
viewportleave: undefined