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This module will be moved to @threlte/extras at some point in the future. Please read the update notice.

Every <Instance> component nested in an <InstancedMesh> component resembles one instance. An <Instance> can therefore only be used as a child component to a <InstancedMesh> component. The <Instance> component can be transformed and colorized individually:

<InstancedMesh {geometry} {material}>
  <Instance position={{ x: 5 }} scale={1} />
  <Instance position={{ z: 2 }} scale={2} color="red" />



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The properties position, rotation and scale work just like with every other threlte component, color is passed on to the THREE.Color constructor.

Provide an id to use multiple <InstancedMesh> components:

<InstancedMesh id="tree" geometry={treeGeometry} material={treeMaterial}>
  <InstancedMesh id="leaf" geometry={leafGeometry} material={leafMaterial}>
    <Group position={{ x: 1 }}>
      <Instance id="tree" /> // Instance of InstancedMesh with id="tree"
      <Instance id="leaf" /> // Instance of InstancedMesh with id="leaf"

    <Group position={{ x: -2 }}>
      <Instance id="tree" />
      <Instance id="leaf" />


// optional
id: string = ''
color: THREE.ColorRepresentation | undefined = undefined
position: Position | undefined = undefined
scale: Scale | undefined = undefined
rotation: Rotation | undefined = undefined
lookAt: LookAt | undefined = undefined


click: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
contextmenu: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerup: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerdown: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerenter: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointerleave: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>
pointermove: CustomEvent<ThreltePointerEvent>