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  2. DisposableObject



Depending on the provided property dispose and the parent components dispose strategy, this component will call dispose on the provided object and all properties of object that have a method dispose.



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Basic Example

Automatically disposes the geometry.

	import { DisposableObject } from '@threlte/core'
	import { BoxBufferGeometry } from 'three'

	const cube = new BoxBufferGeometry(1, 1, 1)

<DisposableObject object={cube} />

Automatically disposes the material and associated textures.

	import { DisposableObject, useTexture } from '@threlte/core'
	import { MeshStandardMaterial } from 'three'

	const textures = useTexture({
		map: '/map.jpg',
		normalMap: '/normalMap.jpg',
	const material = new MeshStandardMaterial({ ...textures })

<DisposableObject object={material} />

Opt out of disposal, this is valid for the whole following tree.

	import { DisposableObject } from '@threlte/core'
	import { BoxBufferGeometry, MeshStandardMaterial } from 'three'

	const cube = new BoxBufferGeometry(1, 1, 1)
	const material = new MeshStandardMaterial()
	const texture = useTexture('/texture.jpg',)

<!-- the material is not being disposed -->
<DisposableObject dispose={false} object={material}>

		the geometry is also not being disposed: as the
		flag "dispose" is not provided, it's inheriting
		the dispose strategy from the upstream parent.
	<DisposableObject object={cube} />

		The texture will be disposed:
		the flag "dispose" is provided.
	<DisposableObject dispose object={texture} />

</DisposableObject />


// optional
dispose: boolean = true // internally uses "undefined" as default value, de-facto the default value is "true"
object: Object3D | undefined = undefined